A new way for 2020 – have your say!

Special Members’ Event
You’re invited! Impact100 SA 2020 Grant Launch

As announced at our event in May, and in response to member feedback, we will be implementing a change to our grant making process for the coming year.

This is a positive step to ensure we are connecting with small charities who are doing big things in our community but may not be aware of the Impact100 SA grant.

Please keep reading as there is an opportunity for you to participate!

What was the process in previous years?

At this time of year, we have previously invited members to vote for a theme. Following announcement of the successful theme/s, we have accepted expressions of interest (EOI) from not-for-profit organisations that are aligned with the themes.

Our Grants Committee then followed a detailed and well-governed assessment process to determine the top ten for members to vote down to the final four.

Who are the past winners?

Whilst we have seen a few familiar faces in the top ten and four, our winners have been unique and varied.

United Way SA
Grandparents for Grandchildren SA
Themes: Education OR Economic & Community Development

Puddle Jumpers
Operation Flinders
Themes: Early Intervention & Youth (0-24 years) OR Mental Health

Youth Opportunities
Backpacks 4 SA Kids
Themes: Youth (12-24 years) OR Mental Health

Zahra Foundation
Theme: Strengthening families in SA with a focus on parenting, domestic violence and kinship care

KickStart 4 Kids
Theme: Improving social and education outcomes for SA’s disadvantaged children and young people

What are the changes we are making this year?

This year, 30 worthy organisations will be identified and invited to apply for the Impact100 SA 2020 grant. Our intention is to help small charities that are doing big things in our community.

The Impact100 SA Management Committee has agreed on the following criteria, all of which our future 2020 winners must be able to demonstrate. Each organisation we invite to apply must:

  1. Have annual turnover of less than $3 million.
  2. Be registered with ACNC and the ATO, and have DGR1 status (consistent with previous years).
  3. Be an SA-based organisation (may have local, interstate or international operations).
  4. Be able to articulate a differentiated or innovative offering (eg how it differs from similar services provided by others in South Australia).
  5. Operate at the grassroots level—hands-on and directly with the communities they hope to benefit.
  6. Demonstrate ability to create a high impact for communities (eg articulate and measure outcomes).

Criteria 1, 2 and 3 will be assessed by the Grants Committee prior to an invitation being extended to be a part of the pool of 30. Criteria 4,5 and 6 will be considered to the extent the information is readily available and at the discretion of the Grants Committee, but the onus will be on the organisation to demonstrate these elements in their application. Given the application process can be onerous for organisations at the smaller end of the scale we have also decided to invite each applicant to ask for assistance from a group of mentors should they require it at the application stage.

Following this, the same process will apply as in previous years – our Grants Committee will follow the same detailed and well-governed assessment process to determine the top 10 for members to vote down to our final 4.

How can you participate?

Please nominate worthy organisations! If you are aware of an organisation who may meet these criteria and who you believe may be worthy of our grant please email in your nominations to grants@impact100sa.org.au by 5pm Friday 28 June.

All nominations will be duly considered by the Grants Committee, however, the Management Committee will retain full discretion over regarding the 30 organisations invited to apply.

To help and/or stimulate your thoughts, download a current list of all organisations with charity licenses in South Australia

When will the 30 organisations be announced?

The 30 organisations selected will be announced to the membership at our launch night at the JamFactory on 7 August. Applications will be circulated following this and mentors assigned as requests for assistance are received.

There will be an opportunity for members to nominate themselves to be a mentor.

We hope you value the efforts of the Management Committee and supporting committees, and will support the change in process for the upcoming year. We are all excited for the change and truly believe this will help us target unique and worthy organisations for the 2020 grant year.