Alexandrea Cannon OAM

Dynamic leader in our community, Alexandrea Cannon OAM, is chair of Leaders Institute SA and SATAC and a director of Credit Union SA and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust.

I have always believed we should give back to society by volunteering our time and, if we can afford it, donating to appropriate charities. I am a professional company director and governance trainer. Therefore, I am quite rigorous when I assess charities. I am a member of Impact 100 because I love the fact that every dollar that everyone donates goes to the appropriate charities and every member gets to have a say in who the money goes to. Also hearing the contributions that the applicants make to society is truly inspiring and renews one’s faith in humanity (which can become a little jaded from the news).

Having someone like Alex give us her vote of confidence is high praise indeed. Thanks for supporting Impact100 and South Australia, Alex.