Cate Foskett (aka Catriona Barr)

At Impact100 SA, not only are our members philanthropic, but entrepreneurial and talented with a wealth of amazing life experiences.

Take Cate Foskett, aka Catriona Barr, as an example. Cate manages Top Note Wines along with husband Nick (also pictured), oversees their family philanthropic foundation, and performs alongside talented pianist Thomas Webb as part of musical duo TomCat.

Cate was trained as an opera singer in Adelaide and performed as a young artist with the State Opera of South Australia before moving to London to live and work for 12 years. Cate performed many notable roles with the English National Opera and the Scottish Opera, working in France, Italy, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Macau.

Cate said she was encouraged to join Impact100 SA by our previous chairperson, Geoff Day AM, who suggested it as a great resource and “training wheels” to help them manage their new family foundation. It was also an opportunity to meet like-minded philanthropists and discover new charities they might be able to help.

“We are also impressed that, by combining our resources, we can give a meaningful amount of money that can be truly transforming for the recipient.”

We are so grateful for our members, both for their support of Impact100 SA and all that they do for our State and community.