At our May event this year, Geoff Day, our founding Chairman, advised that Impact100SA was in a period of transition with a few of our inaugural committee members resigning from the management committee, thus creating opportunities for other members to become involved. Geoff also advised he would be stepping down as Chair of Impact100SA but would remain on the committee. We are indebted to Geoff for his experience, knowledge and passion for philanthropy and our community and for his vision in establishing Impact100SA here in SA.

Two other founding committee members, Paul Madden and Justine Crawford, after over four years of valuable service, have also resigned from the committee. Justine and Paul are both highly respected and committed philanthropists and despite being very busy in their respective professions and lives, has each made a significant and lasting contribution to ensure that Impact100SA has been established on strong foundations.

Thanks to the efforts of Geoff and all our founding management committee members, including Paul and Justine, the achievements of Impact100SA in its first year were impressive and significant, to say the least.  Impact100SA was launched on 29 April 2014 and within three months had 130 very generous members, a website and a Government House event where our first theme was announced.

Next year, we will celebrate Impact100SA having donated over $1million in grants.  The contribution that Paul and Justine and our other founding members have made is extraordinary. Their special personalities will be missed and on behalf of the committee and all our 240 members, I wish to thank them very much for all they do to improve the lives of so many in our society and for their belief, like you, in the power of collective giving circles.

Our committee for 2019 is as follows:

  • Kathryn House (Chair)
  • Geoff Day
  • Ellen Edmonds-Wilson
  • Alli Kane
  • Rachael McEvoy
  • Phil Rundle
  • Julia Steele Scott
  • Stacey Thomas
  • Ailsa Young

Geoff and Phil will continue to manage our Membership Sub-committee, while Ailsa chairs our Grants Allocation Committee. Julia is our secretary, Rachael our Treasurer and Alli has the role of coordinating our Marketing, PR & Events subcommittee. Ellen will be a new committee member, joining us in the new year and has significant experience in association management and governance. For further details on our committee members, please go to our website  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the committee if you would like to become more involved and can assist us in any way.