Christine Zeitz

At Impact100 SA we celebrate and are grateful for the many generous South Australians who give their time, talent and resources to making our State great, people like Christine Zeitz. Christine’s achievements are awe-inspiring, not the least that she is an impressive role model for women who work in non-traditional roles or industries, such as her role as General Manager of Northrop Grumman Corporation Asia Pacific, a multi-billion dollar international aerospace and defence technology company.

Christine serves on several varied boards both nationally and locally, such as the SBS Board where she is Deputy Chair, and Port Adelaide Football Club, where she can combine her passion for Port with her proficiency and experience. She is a former member of the Economic Advisory Board of South Australia, the Flinders University Council and the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust to name a few. Christine is a graduate of Flinders University in accounting and we love that she is giving back to the community that raised and educated her, not just through serving on several boards but also by her support for Impact100 SA.

Christine needed little persuasion to support Impact100 SA, saying “Sounds great. I’ll join. Send me the link”.

We are indebted to Christine for her support and for making our State a safer, more connected, more thriving and more interesting place.