Clarrie’s Cottage – from dream to reality

Cottages 4 Country Care, winner of our high impact grant in 2020, after combatting building delays, trade shortages and other challenges, finally opened the doors on its newest cottage, Clarrie’s Cottage, last month and welcomed its first visitor.

Cottages 4 Country Care provides accommodation and support to people coming to the city from rural and remote areas, who need to see doctors and medical specialists or have family members who require hospitalisation.

In the past 12 months, Cottages 4 Country Care has provided accommodation for dialysis patients, people requiring kidney and liver transplants and heart surgery as well as those with brain tumours, a brain bleed, and several leukemia patients. If not for Cottages 4 Country Care many of these people would be forced to use costly accommodation services such as hotels or motels, unless they can find relatives and friends to stay with, often for months on end.

Well done to Cottages 4 Country Care for providing a home away from home for those in need. Please go to the website to find out more, volunteer for, or donate to Cottages 4 Country Care.

We also want to thank Habitat for Humanity SA, winner of our 2021 grant, for assisting Cottages 4 Country Care with landscaping Clarrie’s Cottage; it’s gratifying to hear about our former grant recipients collaborating and working together.