Does your organisation need help with a Community Action Project in 2022?

A key element of the Leaders Institute of SA’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program each year is helping community organisations via a Community Action Project. The projects need to be small enough to progress in eight months but important enough to matter and make an impact for the organisation or contribute to the greater community good.

Program participants are challenged to work together in small groups to assist a local non-profit or community organisation on a complex issue the organisation is facing. This may include purpose, financial sustainability, attracting members or leading change in the organisation. 

Being involved provides community organisations with fresh perspectives from senior SA leaders, who will implement the leadership frameworks and tools taught during the Governor’s Leadership Foundation program.

This year the GLF CAP groups worked on projects for Grandparents for Grandchildren SA, Backpacks 4 SA Kids, Youth Opportunities, Community Centres SA, The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness, the Lakes and Coorong Environmental Trust, and Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia.

For more information about CAP projects, please view the Leaders Institute website To register your interest, please complete the following form:, or submit a one page brief to