February Grants Theme Announcement Night

Thank you once again to Mercury CX, the home of independent cinema for hosting our recent Impact100 South Australia’s annual Grants Theme Announcement night. Our members and supporters were treated to an exclusive screening of the latest feature film “Carnifex” from Dancing Road, a South Australian-owned company, in its current stage of post-production prior to its global release by a major studio this year.

For those who would be interested in finding out more, or wanting to support independent filmmaking, please see the letter below from the Dancing Road team:

Dear Impact100 members

Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful audience. We’re so glad you enjoyed the film and asked such thoughtful and interesting questions. As promised, please find the link below for our ACF fundraising campaign: https://artists.australianculturalfund.org.au/s/project/a2E6F000003Ysni/carnifex

We’re a South Australian production company that generates its own intellectual property and puts together the best team possible to create the product and bring it to audiences, not only in Australia but also in global markets. We live and work in SA and know the local industry very well, hence our emphasis on training on this production because on the job experience is how young people learn the many facets and build their careers, and trained crew numbers have been dropping in the past ten years.

Film financing in Australia has limited options, as mentioned the last 5 – 10% is often hard to achieve and it’s the point where many projects fall over, often after years of development. In response to this we partnered with the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) which offers 100% tax deductibility with no admin fees, and they have always been in our financing plan from the outset. Such a raise is only feasible when one has some work to show a select audience which we have now done. Our target is $96,000 and above that will allow us to do further training in film marketing (an identified skills gap) as we work towards the theatrical release, plus we wish to cover some of the unplanned COVID costs which have been covered by areas in post.

It’s important to develop our filmmakers to tell their stories in an entertaining, engaging way, so we can share our unique culture with the world.

Best wishes – Gena, Helen and Sean

Our special thanks to Zoe Jones from Zojo Photography for donating her time and services in taking the photos on the night – see the event gallery here.