Final thought … for the May 2021 eNews

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

This week is National Volunteer Week for 2021 and a time when we acknowledge and give thanks for the six million volunteers that donate their time in Australia. 

Impact100 SA is an organisation that relies entirely on a dedicated group of volunteers, to assess grant applications, plan activities, coordinate events, and administer every aspect of Impact100 SA in the community, including managing and communicating with members and distributing this eNews.  

Our volunteers give their time freely and enthusiastically so that  100% of each member’s $1,000 donation goes directly to our chosen charities.  

These generous individuals, many of whom also volunteer on other boards and for other organisations, do not do it for reward or recognition, but because they want to make a difference and to help a create stronger, more connected and kinder society.

So to our volunteers and all of those volunteers around the world, thank you. You make the difference that this world needs.

From the Impact100 SA board – Kathryn House (Chair), Geoff Day, Rachael McEvoy, Ellen Edmonds-Wilson, Justine Crawford, Jackie Newton, Geoff Walsh, David Walker, Clare Randall and Jasmin Barry Keen.