Governor’s Leadership Foundation Community Action Plan underway

Impact100 SA has been fortunate this year to have been the focus of a Community Action Project (CAP), whereby six very talented leaders and emerging leaders in our State, from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds, are undertaking this year’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation program and have come together to look at ways we can scale and thrive and best serve our community at Impact100 SA.

Our involvement in the project arose in part from our strategy day last year, where we looked at ongoing challenges and opportunities for growth for Impact100 SA. Some of our discussions related to sustainability and being able to maintain the administration of our active organisation on a volunteer, unfunded basis, given our pledge to donate 100% of all monies received. There was also some discussion about the amount we grant each year and whether $100 000 should be increased, given the significant rise in the cost of living since we handed out our first grant eight years ago to Kickstart for Kids in 2015.

The project team will be reaching out to various members to get their feedback. Thanks to everyone who has assisted to date. We are keen to consult with as many people as possible and will be circulating a survey to members soon.