Governor’s Leadership Foundation group review of Impact100 SA

Impact100 SA was fortunate to have a group of participants of the 2023 Governor’s Leadership Foundation program undertake a review of our processes and practices, and recently, our board were provided with some recommendations for improvement.

The project group interviewed and surveyed a good portion of our members and other stakeholders and met with our Management Committee in December to discuss their recommendations. Key among the recommendations were the need for:

• Succession planning for the Chair and other key committee roles
• Volunteer workload to be well managed and supplemented by a level of paid administration
• Administration tasks to be streamlined
• Corporate sponsorships to be secured for periods of time
• Grant application process for organisations to be simplified

As a volunteer-run organisation, which operates with no paid staff or any administrative support, we acknowledge that there is a very real risk of burnout for our volunteers and we are keen to look at ways to support our volunteers and retain our members, while assisting grassroots charities in our community.

If you would like a copy of the report, please contact our secretary/public officer, Megan Edwards