Grant Awards Night: October 2022

We awarded $290,000 to four deserving organisations at the 2022 Awards Night, once again held at The Arkaba.

Seeds of Affinity and Talk Out Loud were each awarded $100,000 by our giving circle at last night’s Awards Event.

These two innovative South Australian charities have received the well-deserved funding boost, with runners-up Holiday Explorers and Lolly Jar Circus splitting the remaining pooled funds raised in 2022, with $45,000 each.

We were honoured to have our Ambassadors Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC, Carolyn Hewson AO, and Raymond Spencer in attendance (with apologies from Jane Doyle AM).

Our four finalists gave incredible presentations, along with the fabulous support of their mentors Craig Whiteman from EY, Sheenagh Edwards from KPMG, Elizabeth Elliot from Perks, and Imelda Alexopolous from PwC, who introduced them before members lodged their votes.

While votes were tallied, Ambassador Raymond Spencer interviewed last year’s winners, Habitat for Humanity South Australia and HopeStreet, to hear more about how those organisations had benefited from the 2021 grants.

Our Young Impact ambassadors Gigi Varley, Gina Wang, and Trent Heaver, along with participants Rosanie and Christina, shared with the audience, why they supported Young Impact, how they raised over $10,000 for three grassroots charities – BioR, KickStart for Kids, and Welcoming Australia – and what they had gained from the experience.

Gina and her band Fall Awake entertained the crowd in between presentations and photographer, Samuel Mahoney of Outline Creative Adelaide, donate his time to take the photos attached below.

A huge thank you to all our members who attended and everyone who was involved in arranging the event and our special event sponsors, including our member Jenny Hurley AM and events coordinator Jackie Newton at the Arkaba Hotel and Garth at Kwikkopy Hilton for our giant display cheques
Another successful year of giving complete!