Here’s some ‘wood for good’

Hats off to Harry, Ned and Hughie Manifold and their very supportive parents for their hard work and resourcefulness in collecting and chopping firewood, ready for sale and delivery.

Funds raised from their wood will be pooled with our other Young Impact members’ funds to be used at our Grants’ Awards day on Sunday 29 August, 3-5 pm at Pembroke School. Please save the date!

Our other Young Impact are busily raising funds for the day through every fundraising idea conceivable, including dog walking, washing cars, collecting recyclables, making handmade cards, growing plants to sell, hosting a mega garage sale, asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts, having a bake sale, being sponsored to walk Mt Lofty, and one entrepreneur is planning on selling hugs. The list goes on.

Offers of matched funding to encourage our Young Impact team are welcome. For further details or to discuss, please contact