Impact100 Global Conference

Our chair, Kathryn House, was recently fortunate to be able to combine a holiday in the US with a stopover in Detroit for the Impact100 Global Conference in July. Kath met with the founder and CEO, Wendy Steele and joined with representatives from all over the US at the conference. Impact 100, founded by Wendy in 2001 has over 60 chapters and has collectively raised over US $123 million.

Although Impact100 operates a little differently in the US being for women only, the ethos of bringing together a group of people through a collective giving framework, to support and raise the profile of grassroots charities, remains the same. The largest chapter, Pensacola in Florida has over 1000 members and this year will give a total of US$1.192 million in grants to 11 organisations. Now that’s some inspiration for Impact100 SA for future years!