Impact100 SA Board – Introducing Jasmin Barry-Keen

We were delighted to recently appoint Jasmin Barry Keen to the Impact100 SA Management Committee. Jas is a philanthropy and marketing consultant and works with the Nunn Dimos Foundation. She is also part of our growing number of younger members, who want to be part of collective giving, and able to make a difference in our community.

She told us “My partner Richard and I love being a part of Impact100 South Australia. Having the opportunity to hear directly from the charities we’re voting for, allows us to feel truly connected to the causes we’re supporting. We are always inspired by the wonderful people who represent the shortlisted organisations who are bravely championing the projects that we are helping them to deliver. We love that we get to see where our money is going and to feel the gratitude in the room.”

We are grateful to all our members, but extra appreciative of Jas’ support for us as a newly appointed member of our Management Committee and our Membership Committee. In the short time she has been with us, she has made a big impact, with a promise of even better things to come.