Jeff Ellison

This week’s member spotlight is on the very genial and gentlemanly, Jeff Ellison.

Jeff is well-known and respected in business and tourism circles, both in South Australia and nationally. He is the former CEO and now Chair of SeaLink Travel (responsible for ferrying us safely across to Kangaroo Island and other beautiful places) and deputy chair of Tourism Australia. Jeff, a chartered accountant, is a fellow of ICA and AICD and a life member of Tourism Transport Forum Australia, the peak body for tourism, transport and aviation in Australia.

Jeff is a keen cyclist and loves to spend his free time with his wife, Toni, their four children and children’s partners, and their wonderful grandchildren.

Jeff tells us he first heard about Impact100 SA from many of his business colleagues when it launched over seven years ago, but life was hectic then and he didn’t get around to it. Now that he is semi-retired, he is keen to support local philanthropic organisations and the great work they do to support grassroots charities, especially as he and his family have been fortunate in life and want to give back to their community.