Justice Net SA update

JusticeNet SA, grateful recipient of a $100,000 Impact100 SA grant in 2020, recently advised us that our grant had enabled their Homeless Legal service to open 100 new client matters during the past 12 months (November 2020 to October 2021) and that clients ranged from 20 to 78 years of age.

Zoe Lewis, Managing Solicitor of Homeless Legal, says this highlights that homelessness affects people of all ages and really can happen to anyone. This brief video from the UN illustrates this reality.

As noted by the Law Council, young Australians are over-represented in the homelessness population. As Australia’s ageing population rapidly increases, older Australians are becoming increasingly affected as well. It is well documented that older women are particularly likely to be affected by homelessness.

Homeless Legal continues to provide legal help targeting homelessness. If you think may be interested in getting involved with providing this crucial service to South Australians at risk, please contact Zoe at Homeless Legal at zlewis@justicenet.org.au or click on Homeless Legal Donor Circle.

Homeless Legal will also be holding a members event in March/April 2022 (further details to come) to share with members the impact of our contribution.