Last Word

If there has been a silver lining during COVID-19, one that readily springs to mind would be the way our politicians, government, business and union leaders have put aside their political differences and policies to collaborate to address the many challenges facing our community.

It has been a welcome relief from the past decade of being part of an extremely negative and divisive political system in Australia, to now watch all sectors of the community trying to work together for the greater good.

Another welcome change in response to COVID-19 would be the responsiveness of our philanthropic organisations and foundations readily addressing the crisis in funding for charities and the community in general.

It has been wonderful to see the volume and rate of grant giving has accelerated and fewer conditions and less paperwork has resulted in a reduced burden for grant applicants.

Let’s hope that when we return to our post-COVID life we actually keep some of these learnings from our COVID life and that these two changes might be permanent.

From the Impact100 SA board – Kathryn House (Chair), Geoff Day, Julia Steele Scott, Rachael McEvoy, Ailsa Young, Ellen Edmonds-Wilson, Justine Crawford, Jackie Newton, Geoff Walsh and Clare Randall.