Member FAQs

Yes. Impact100 SA is set up as a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF), which is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Impact100 SA must operate in accordance to the legislative regulations of the ACF which administers all of Impact100 SA’s donations. Contributions made by 30 June are tax-deductible for the year preceding that. 

Your donation is credited into a special sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. When Impact100 SA donors collectively decide which organisation will get the grant, the funds are then paid directly (in their entirety) to that organisation. See a list of charities we’ve given grants to here

If there are more than 100 donors, more than one grant may be made at the discretion of the Management Committee. However, the principal grant will be $100,000.

Donations of more than $1,000 are very welcome, however the policy of ‘one member, one vote’ will still apply when choosing who will receive the $100,000 high impact grant. Organisations that donate will receive one vote and should nominate an appropriate contact person.

Our Grants Committee manages the application process for our high-impact grants, which are reviewed each year and updated as required. Our intention is to help small charities that are doing big things in our community. Read more about the grant application process.

Our organising committee is a group of South Australian professionals from across philanthropic, financial and not-for-profit sectors who want to make a positive difference in their local community. They each give their time and expertise in a volunteer capacity. Find out more about the Management Committee and specialist sub-committees.

Simply put, there are no administrative expenses—Impact100 SA relies wholly on the generosity of volunteers and benefactors to meet administrative expenses. One hundred percent of your donation will be contributed to the impact grant.

Please refer to the financials page for information and detailed financials.

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