Membership donations and renewals in 2021

A decision was made to defer the collection of 2020 membership donations this year, due to  our Grants Award night being postponed from May until October and given we had already allocated last year’s donations so it was not necessary to collect more funds until it was time to award the grants again.

Now that we have distributed our funds from our 2019-2020 grant round (JusticeNet SA, Cottages for Country Care SA, TADSA and Lion Hearts Learning collectively received a total of $250,000), our donation collections will commence again in March 2021.

These proceeds will be distributed at our Grants Award Night on Wednesday 27 October 2021, as voted by you.

For those people who have joined as new members or for those who made contributions this year, you will currently be in credit and are not required to make any further donations. For all other members, you will receive a membership renewal letter in March, reminding you that your fully tax-deductible donations can now be made via our Donation page on our website

Thank you to Jasmin Barry-Keen, Chris Penny and Simon Tiddy who have recently joined our Membership Committee. They will assist Phil Rundle, Geoff Day, Rachael McEvoy, Geoff Walsh and Kath House in sending out membership renewal reminders, acknowledgements and recruiting new members. You can help the work of our volunteer committee by paying promptly once you receive your renewal letter in March.

For further information or any  queries, please contact