Membership Subscriptions

The Impact100 SA Management Committee understands that many people in our community are struggling, both emotionally and financially in response to the fallout from COVID-19, including our members.

For this reason, membership donations for the 2021 grant year have now been deferred (which is the people whose memberships fall due after 6 May 2020). 

Donation collections will commence again in March 2021, prompted by our friendly Membership Committee. 

Those proceeds will be distributed at our Grants Award Night event planned for October 2021. 

For those people whose membership is currently due (that is, those whose renewal anniversary date falls due before May 6, which is the original date of our Grants Award night), your fully tax-deductible donations will be gratefully received as they contribute to the 2020 grant year. 

This will entitle you to vote at our October 2020 event. For members who fall into this category, you will have received a personal renewal email from our Membership Committee.  

All other members have no need to do anything until you receive a membership renewal letter around March 2021 from any one of our fabulous Impact100 SA volunteer membership committee members who include Phil Rundle, Natalie Fuller, Geoff Walsh, or Geoff Day.  

For our members who contribute through Foundations, you will receive a letter outlining how your payment can be made.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information!