Message from Roger Rasheed regarding the recent withdrawal from our final 4.

Dear Impact 100 SA members,
Thank you for voting for the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation as one of your top four finalists for 2018. I am heartened that so many people share my vision that all children should have the opportunity to access sport in our community, regardless of circumstance or postcode and that like me, you believe that medicine can be a sport.
I am writing to advise you that due to the previous Government no longer being in power, further negotiations are now required with the incoming Government, with regard to partnering the project. Our major project at Morton Rd Reserve in Christies Down, for which we were seeking your assistance will proceed however, it would be ideal if a portion of the funds can be secured from Steven Marshall’s Liberal Team.
As a result of these changed circumstances and the likely delay, I feel it would be wrong for the Roger Rasheed Sports Foundation to accept your nomination to be a finalist for the $100 000 grant until a firm guarantee is received. Accordingly, I wish to withdraw our application, with the excitement of knowing that in so doing, we can give another organisation the great opportunity that you at Impact 100 provide.
Thank you once again for supporting small charities like mine, who are trying to make a difference in our community. We look forward to being involved with Impact 100 in the future. I welcome any enquiries from Impact 100 members, who would like to find out more about the Morton Rd Reserve project and how we plan to transform a community through access to sport.
Roger Rasheed