Mike Feszczak

One of our newest members, Mike Feszczak, is a former UK Police Inspector who emigrated to Adelaide in 2005 but is now the new CEO of Grandparents for Grandchildren SA, which is where he heard about Impact100 SA, as they were recipients of our $100,000 grant in 2020.

Mike has been working for the past 17 years in the event, not for profit and volunteer sectors and is a recognised advocate for volunteering and volunteer management through his roles within local government, Volunteering SA&NT and the Volunteer Strategy for South Australia, but is now wanting to concentrate on support and advocacy for informal kinship carers of children.

“Grandparents for Grandchildren is a unique, not-for-profit organisation that punches above its weight in supporting grandcarers who find themselves as full time, but informal, carers of children. We would not be able to offer our current level of support without the generosity of Impact100 SA . On learning about how we were provided with a substantial financial lifeline, I knew I needed to support Impact100 myself and take part in having a similar impact on other worthy organisations”.

Thanks for paying it forward, Mike.