More details on our 8 semi-finalists for 2019/20 grant year!

Barefoot to Boots Limited

  • Barefoot to Boots (BTB) is an Australian-based private sector NGO that supports refugees living in camps and their neighbouring host communities.
  • Barefoot to Boots support refugee camps and their host
  • communities. To provide refugees with their basic needs including health care, access to education, and hope through opportunities including sport.
  • It was first envisaged by two brothers and former South Sudanese refugees, professional footballerAwer Mabil and Lost BoyAwer Bul, following a return visit with 20 football shirts to Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya in June 2014.
  • Originating from this work in Kakuma, BTB is intent on resourcing other camps and host communities, as they strive to make their environments more sustainable, stimulating and accommodating for their residents. BTB returns to Kakuma at least one a year, and has visited camps in Uganda, Turkey and Lebanon.

Bright Futures Child Aid and Development Fund Australia

  • Bright Futures is a South Australian founded and based overseas aid and development agency focused on providing education, healthcare and development projects with the goal of helping lifting children, families and communities out of poverty. Bright Futures operates needy communities in in four countries – India, Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda.
  • Bright Futures works with its development partners overseas to provide education, healthcare, maternal and birthing services, vocational training, self-help groups to thousands of men, women and children each week.
  • Bright Futures believes that by empowering the poor, and by encouraging and advocating for development activities that strengthen their capacity and sense of self-determination, the sustainable relief and eradication of poverty is possible.
  • Bright Futures extends assistance to all people in need and does not discriminate on religious, political, social, cultural, age or gender grounds.

Cottages 4 Country Care

  • Cottages 4 Country Care’s mission is to provide accommodation for rural people who require medical and/or community services offered in Adelaide.
  • Cottages 4 Country Care (formerly Rosemary’s Place Inc.) assist in alleviating the emotional and financial pressures placed on country patients and their families. The accommodation provided is to be homely, centrally located, fully furnished, self-contained and clean. They also provide friendly support to guests to help reduce the stress of their stay in the ‘big smoke’.
  • Cottages 4 Country Care started with the leasing of two maisonettes in Wayville due to the perfect location, good internal condition, suitable layout and have grown from there.

Justicenet SA Inc

  • JusticeNet SA is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of low-income and disadvantaged South Australians who need help with serious civil legal problems.
  • JusticeNet SA partners with an extensive network of volunteer lawyers to provide a ‘safety net’ for those who cannot afford to pay for legal help or obtain the assistance they need from elsewhere.
  • Their Pro Bono Referral Service also assists charitable and community groups. Their Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project provides legal advice and representation.
  • They operate a Federal Court Self-Representation Service which provides direct legal advice and assistance to people representing themselves in Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court.

Lions Hearts Learning Inc

  • Lion Hearts Learning aims to provide a group learning environment set up like a preschool for oncology children aged between 2 and 5 years and their siblings, or other children affected by cancer to ensure social, emotional and educational learning with the aim for the children to live their best lives possible under very tough circumstances.
  • The learning environment is very clean. The venue is fully cleaned before each session and all toys and resources are disinfected after.
  • Attending the centre is free for oncology kids and their friends.

Sight For All Ltd

  • Fifteen years ago three South Australian ophthalmologists Drs. James Muecke, Henry Newland and Bob Casson, whilst volunteering on sight–saving projects in Asia, saw a gap in the provision of eye health services in our neighbouring developing countries.
  • This gap spawned the seed of an idea that the doctors could offer something unique to improve the sight of tens of thousands. By working with their foreign colleagues, areas of need were identified, and by providing sub-specialty education and equipping eye clinics, a sustainable sight-saving model was born. This model became the basis of Sight For All.
  • Sight For All empowers communities to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based, high quality eye health care through the provision of research, education and equipment.

Technology for Ageing and Disability (SA) Inc (formerly Technical Aid to the Disabled (SA) Inc)

  • Technology for Ageing and Disability SA Inc (TADSA) is dedicated to providing unique assistive technology solutions that are not commercially available to improve the wellbeing, lifelong learning, daily living and community participation of people who are aged and/or disabled.
  • The purpose of TADSA’s work is to enable people with varying degrees of disability to lead as normal a life as possible.
  • They design, make and modify equipment that is not commercially available for people with disabilities and the aged.

Welcoming Australia Ltd

  • Formerly Welcome to Australia, Welcoming Australia exists to cultivate a culture of welcome and advance communities where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunity to belong, contribute and thrive.
  • Run by Welcoming Australia, the Welcoming Centre assists newly arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum to articulate their aspirations and identify opportunities for those aspirations to be realised. It also provides referral pathways that improve the health, employment opportunities and social capital of newly arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum while advancing partnerships that provide a range of opportunities for newly arrived migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum and their children to belong, contribute and thrive.