Never tear us apart

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For most people, one of the greatest joys in life is to find deep, authentic and passionate connections with others. Another joy for many is to feel that their lives have purpose, where one can unite with others to contribute and to make a difference.

The photo below shows a group of our Impact100 SA members pictured recently at the football; people who are connected not only through their love of football, but also people who have deep connections as friends, old schoolmates, neighbours, cousins, running buddies, travel companions, and through shared philanthropic values and a love of humanity. We think that the things that divide us should be valued and respected, but the ties that bind us will always be stronger, so while not everyone at Impact100 SA follows the same team, or football in general, we all believe in the power of philanthropy to change the world for good.

*Pictured from left to right, are Imapct100 SA members Christine Zeitz, Kathryn House, Nick House (behind), Graham Lowe, Jacqui Lowe, Jenny Richardson (behind), Rose de Palma, Fatima McHugh, Kate Abraham and Rosey Batt. Missing from the photo but there on the day were Rob and Di Hoey, Annie Mandalov and Bruce McFarlane.