New member welcome

Impact100 SA is delighted to welcome the following new members, many of them partners of Impact100 members and several of them joining on or shortly after attending our recent Grants Awards Night. Welcome to our collective giving community and thank you for helping us to help others.

              Adeline Khor                                                              

              Anne McCutcheon

              Lea Stevens                                                                

              Angela Carey    

              Annie Mandalov

              Judith Shanahan

              Keith Crawford

              Liz Wilson

              Mitchell Butel                                                            

              Roger and Cindy Harvey

              Thomas Crawford

              Tricia Davies     

Our Membership Committee members, Phil Rundle, Chris Penny, Simon Tiddy, Geoff Walsh, Justine Crawford, Jasmin Barry-Keen and chaired by Rachael McEvoy, will be contacting members in the coming months on the anniversary of your joining Impact100 SA to gently remind you that your membership donation is due for renewal, or you can go to