Past Winners

Past Winners

Members of Impact100 SA have awarded $100,000 high impact grants to the following organisations.


JusticeNet SA AND Cottages 4 Country Care

No Theme – Organisations were nominated by members and associates

Click here: 2020 Video from Grant Award Evening


United Way SA AND Grandparents for Grandchildren SA

Themes: Education or Economic & Community Development

Click here: 2019 Video from Grant Award Evening


Puddle Jumpers AND Operation Flinders

Themes: Early Intervention & Youth (0-24 years) or Mental Health

Click here: 2018 Video from Grant Award Evening


Zahra Foundation

Theme: Strengthening families in SA with a focus on parenting, domestic violence and kinship care

Click here:  2016 Video from Grant Award Evening


KickStart 4 Kids

Theme: Improving social and education outcomes for SA’s disadvantaged children and young people

Past Runners-Up

Grants of $20,000 were also awarded to the runners-up up until 2020 when $25,000 was awarded to each runners-up.