Past Winners

Past Winners

Members of Impact100 SA have awarded $100,000 high impact grants to the following organisations.


JusticeNet SA AND Cottages 4 Country Care

No Theme – Organisations were nominated by members and associates

Click here: 2020 Video from Grant Award Evening


United Way SA AND Grandparents for Grandchildren SA

Themes: Education or Economic & Community Development

Click here: 2019 Video from Grant Award Evening


Puddle Jumpers AND Operation Flinders

Themes: Early Intervention & Youth (0-24 years) or Mental Health

Click here: 2018 Video from Grant Award Evening


Zahra Foundation

Theme: Strengthening families in SA with a focus on parenting, domestic violence and kinship care

Click here:  2016 Video from Grant Award Evening


KickStart 4 Kids

Theme: Improving social and education outcomes for SA’s disadvantaged children and young people

Past Runners-Up

Grants of $20,000 were also awarded to the runners-up up until 2020 when $25,000 was awarded to each runners-up.

News from our winners

Cottages 4 Country Care partners with Herd Of Hope

Anyone driving past the Royal Adelaide Hospital on 6 May might have been puzzled to […]

JusticeNet SA and Homeless Legal Update

JusticeNet SA, winners of one of the $100,000 Impact100 SA grants in 2020, recently contacted […]

Backpacks 4 SA Kids seeking donations

Backpacks 4 SA Kids, winner of our $100,000 grant in 2017, has helped more than 40,000 […]

Operation Flinders blending beans for a good cause

Operation Flinders, a beneficiary of an Impact100 SA $100,000 grant in 2018, has teamed up […]

A small charity doing big things!

It’s wonderful to see small South Australian charities doing big things, particularly when it’s helping […]

Members’ briefing: Visit to past recipients of Impact100 grants

Along with providing life changing grants and transforming communities, Impact100 SA is passionate about building […]

Youth Opportunities graduation

In 2017 Impact100 SA provided a major grant to Youth Opportunities, to support its highly […]

Milestones for Operation Flinders Peer Group Mentors

Operation Flinders was the major winner of a 2018 Impact100 SA $100,000 grant to fund […]

Save the date: Members’ morning tea with ZAHRA Foundation and MOSH

Members are invited to see your grant in action by attending a Members’ morning tea […]

Grant winner update: Zahra Foundation

Impact100 SA 2016 winners In 2016, the newly formed Zahra Foundation won a $100,000 Impact100 […]


Impact100SA  members and friends were invited to visit the Backpack 4 SA Kids warehouse on […]

Operations Flinders – Peer Group Mentor Program Update

Peer Group Mentor Employment Outcome Development Program Plan| 2018 – 2020   Funded by IMPACT100 SA […]

Youth Opportunities Update … what $100,000 can achieve!

What can a $100,000 grant achieve? Youth Opportunities Update In May 2017 Youth Opportunities (YO) […]

2017-2018 Operations Flinder’s wins $100,000

Operations Flinders will use their grant to provide further training for 100 PGMs to create […]

2017-2018 Puddles Jumpers wins $100,000

Puddle Jumpers will use their grant to enable more children at risk to develop confidence […]

Breaking News – Sammy D Foundation Enter the Top 4!

Lots happening at Impact100 SA in the last day or so!  We have had an […]

United Way SA Make a Difference

United Way SA, one of Impact100 SA’s 8 shortlisted organisations, work hard to make a […]

Second Chances SA CEO, Helen Glanville received a Gold Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Award

Exciting news from one of Impact100 SA’s previous finalists, Second Chances SA.   Second Chances […]

2016 – 2017 TWO Winners

Our 2016/17 $100,000 Grant Winners are: YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES ASSOCIATION (SA) $100,000 BACKPACKS FOR SA KIDS $100,000 […]

2015 – 2016 Winner

OUR 2015/16 WINNER WAS THE ZAHRA FOUNDATION! On May 12th 2016 members voted and the […]

2014 – 2015 Winner

We are thrilled to announce that Kickstart For Kids has won the Impact100 South Australia inaugural $100,000 […]

Zara Foundation gets a new car to help mobilise their programs!

On the 7th October 2016 Zahra picked up their new car to support the work […]