Paul Madden AM

One of our founding members, Paul Madden AM, exemplifies philanthropy in the true sense of the word, that is “the love of people” and all that is good and kind in our world.

Paul is passionate about ending disadvantage and injustice, with a special focus on social impact investment, which he works to do in both a professional and personal capacity, He has had senior roles over the past three decades for the Wyatt Trust, Habitat for Humanity, Child and Family Welfare Association, Baptist Community Services and Mission Australia, and now for Bright Futures, which he co-founded and for which he is the voluntary Executive Officer.

Paul was a founding Board member of Impact 100 SA and we are grateful to Paul for all his many strengths, from which our community has benefitted, not the least his kindness, fairness, intelligence, perspective, passion, courage and humility. The world is a better place with Paul in it.