Sub Committees

Ailsa Young

Management Committee Member & Chair Grants

Ailsa has an amazing team working with her on the Grants Committee.  Currently the sub-committee includes the following volunteers:

Simon Tiddy

Dave Stock

Marilyn Chambers

Noel Grieve

Philip Huestis

David Walker

Tricia Walton

Kerry Kavanagh

Clare Rundall

David McGlennon

Tyne van Dissel

Allison Kane

Management Committee Member & Chair of Marketing, PR & Events

The Marketing Events & PR sub-committee is a team of talented, passionate and inspiring individuals who are motivated to make a difference to the people of South Australia.

They are experts in their chosen communications field and bring a range of skills, expertise and ideas to our team. Currently the Marketing Events & PR sub-committee includes the following volunteers:

Julie Adair-Cullen

Gabrielle Agnew

Nikki Hamdorf

Caitlin Jones

Jackie Newton

Louisa Zerella

The sub-committe is also generously supported by:

Haley Tamblyn from Hughes PR who generously donate resources and expertise.

Serena Findlay from Hughes PR who lends her videography talent for our events.

Philip Rundle

Management Committee Member & Chair Memberships

Philip has an amazing team working with him on the Memberships Committee.  Currently the membership sub-committee includes the following volunteers:

Geoff Day

Rachael McEvoy

Julia Steele-Scott

Kathryn House

Helen McLean

To be updated