Sweet new website

In August we didn’t just launch our 2020 grants, we also launched a shiny new website!

There’s a significant amount of time and financial resources required to host and maintain an engaging website so we were thrilled to secure the support of a local South Australian business to assist us with ours.

The incredibly talented and savvy team at Marketing Sweet were only too happy to throw their support behind Impact100 SA when they saw first hand what a significant impact our members and grants are making on the lives of South Australians in need.

We worked closely with their team over several months to ensure that our new website experience was simple and streamlined for our members.

Not only have they developed a schmick new website but they’ve gone above and beyond, committing to absorbing any future costs of hosting, development and support.

Offering our members and potential new members an easy digital experience wouldn’t be possible without such generous support.

Thank you to the Marketing Sweet team!