Tim & Katie Sarah

New member Katie Sarah was persuaded to join Impact100 SA after attending our recent Grant Awards Night as the proud Chair of Holiday Explorers, which were runners-up and received a $45,000 grant. Katie didn’t need to work too hard to convince her husband Tim to join Impact100 SA as well.

Katie and Tim have both had long experience in governance roles in the community services sector, and believe in the power of giving for homelessness, disability services, and the arts.

In between climbing the highest mountains, Katie has had careers in finance, accounting and adventure travel. Tim runs the family business Sarah Constructions with his cousin James.

We love the concept of Impact100 SA, and the ability to contribute to a pool of funds that annually could make such a difference to several small organisations. Individually we can only do so much, but the significant amounts collected under this scheme can have such a large impact on organisations such as those supported that we were delighted to join the donor group.

Your support means a lot to us, Tim and Katie. Welcome to the Impact100 SA collective giving family.