Welcome to our new corporate supporter: Tyrecycle

Every year 100 per cent of our members’ donations go to the organisations and projects that we support, and this year was no exception. Donations from 270 members meant that we were able to donate $270,000 to four deserving organisations: the Childhood Cancer Association, Habitat for Humanity SA, Hope Street and St John’s Youth Services.

This means that our volunteer committees must seek in-kind donations and corporate support to fund any additional costs, or in many situations, they cover the costs themselves.

Our Grants Assessment committee utilises Grants Toolbox software to assess the management of our grants applications and this year Tyrecycle https://tyrecycle.com.au/ Australia’s leader in the recycling of tyres and part of the ResourceCo family, has generously agreed to cover our costs of using this timesaving software.

Impact100 SA is grateful to all our donors, volunteers and supporters so that we can keep doing what we are doing.