Welcome to the August Update

This may not come as a surprise to many of you, but did you know research has found people receive an emotional boost and feel happier in themselves when they combine doing good things (like giving) with social connection? 

Research has also found that merely thinking about doing a kind action can make you feel happier! How great is that! It also discovered that an increase in salary may not make people happier, but using their salary increase to do good things, did.

If this interests you, you might like to look into the Yale University free, 10-week online course “The Science of Well-Being to find out more about the research into wellbeing and its connection to giving and doing good things in the community. And it’s a nice reprieve from all that Netflix bingeing! 

As Impact100 SA members, we already know the joy of being able to connect with a group of like-minded philanthropists, while pooling our donations to provide a $100,000 grant to organisations working to make a difference in our community, but it’s sometimes nice to understand the research behind why we feel that joy.

To that end, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome the following new members for sharing our vision (and choosing to increase their personal happiness) as Impact100 SA members:

                David Prescott
                Diana Hoey
                Robert Hoey
                Robert Ryan
                Richard Heathcote