Why do I support Impact 100 SA?

Our Impact100 SA members come from all walks of life, ages and interests, and are accountants and architects, home makers and health professionals, builders and bankers, teachers and technicians, retirees, CEOs and self-employed people.

The list goes on, but one thing they have in common is that they believe in making a difference and helping those in our society who are disadvantaged or vulnerable.

They are philanthropists who believe in the power of being part of a collective giving community where their donation can be transformational and will make a difference. 

Two of our founding members share their Impact100 SA story, below.
Impact 100 SA, was introduced to us by an old gym friend. David recalls the first call from Geoff Day as he drove back from Victoria and immediately thought what a great idea but tough to get any traction. Boy was he wrong and should have remembered the energy and tenacity that is Geoff Day would succeed. So inaugural Impact 100 members we became.With a relatively low pledge and a minor time commitment required, we were very keen to understand how this could really have much of an impact on the organizations supported by Impact 100.  To our surprise, collective giving at this scale can have and has had a major impact on the organizations that have applied for the funding.  Since learning about how effective this type of collective giving is, we have encouraged many of our friends and family to become involved also.  We have enjoyed hearing about the many  “not for profit” organizations that had previously gone under our radar and to learn about the fabulous work they are doing.   We have enjoyed meeting and mixing with like-minded people that share our interest in supporting the “not for profit ” sector. The most rewarding element of being involved with Impact 100 has to be the “real change” we have personally witnessed and been a part of.  Listening to the presentations from the organizations that are vying for the grants, has been enlightening, encouraging and inspiring.  We have been on many occasions astounded by the level of commitment these organizations demonstrate and exactly how much they benefit from and the great work they are able to do with the grant money they receive.  

– David and Nicole Crawford, founding members Impact100 SA