Young Impact100 SA update

Young Impact100 aims to inspire and grow philanthropy among our school-aged children to grow a future generation of community builders. Our goal is to demonstrate collective giving to our children in a fun and meaningful way. Young Impact is free to join, with no minimum amount of money required to fundraise.
This year, any money raised by Young Impact will support BioRKickstart for Kids and Welcoming Australia.

As well, our Young Impact members have been learning about the vital work these grassroots organisations do by visiting Bio R’s Frahns Farm where volunteers had a chance to plant trees or assist with bird banding or assist at a market at Welcoming Australia.

Our Young Impact team have learnt that lemonade or cupcake stalls at the front of your house are not the most effective way to raise money and instead, some of our young entrepreneurs like Mina and Charlie have been selling produce bags and even made a promotional video, which their mum Justina put on social media to sell their wares. Harry, Ned and Hughie have had some fun in the holidays collecting wood, which they will sell online, and Adelaide, Rupert and friends have been painting pots and planting succulents ready to sell at a market.  
We can’t wait to hear what how our other Young Impact members are planning to raise funds but we are sure that if last year is anything to go by, they might be hosting art shows, making scented candles, jewellery and scrunchies, holding garage sales, collecting recycling, shooting goals for sponsorship, selling cupcakes and biscuits, running competitions, doing odd jobs and washing cars – just to name a few things.
Our next event will be a meeting by Zoom for all our Young Impact team to share their fundraising ideas on Sunday 31 July at 4pm, prior to our Grants Day being held at Pembroke School on Sunday 28 August.
For details of the Zoom session, or for people wanting to find out more about Young Impact, please contact our chair Kathryn House on or join our Young Impact Facebook group.

Just a note, it’s not too late to get involved – our team have until Sunday 28 August to raise funds.