Nola Bellenger

Nola Bellenger says that supporting others has always been a big part of her personal and professional life over the past 15 years, working at Healthy Inspirations (Prospect).

It’s part of our culture and I love that we have been able to create awareness, raise funds or items within our team, and extend that by encouraging our local community in which many of us work and live, to be involved too. We may do this for a mum who needs more support, kindys, schools, community sporting groups, and other charities and organisations.

Nola heard about Impact100 through some of her clients and friends who are members – including Janet Crawford and Megan Edwards – and says she was drawn to supporting Impact100 for the simple concept of 100 people being able to make a significant difference to organisations through pooling funds. Nola says “I’m looking forward to being a part of hearing that organisation’s story, learning more, and seeing its journey along the way.”

We look forward to being part of that journey with you Nola. Welcome to our collective giving circle.